Our main goal is to help you learn how to add fractions! We believe that our method of presentation will help you learn everything about this mathematical operation with fractions, from the simplest examples to the most complex.

At the same time, our lessons are intended to help you master all the problems when solving more complex tasks that in some part contain addition of fractions.

Before starting to study a specific lesson, we suggest that you study the home page well to understand what possibilities this website offers you.



When studying fractions using our content, we suggest you practice the following order:

1. Start with the preparatory part.
2. Continue with the first lesson.
3. Study the entire text and all the examples written directly on the page.
4. Consider more examples in video format (as much as you individually have enough to understand the current problem).
5. Download the worksheets and try to solve them yourself.
6. Download the solutions and compare them with your solutions.
7. If everything is fine, continue with the second lesson (for the second one, repeat everything you have already done to learn the first lesson).
8. Learn the lessons one by one without making certain skips.


How to add fractions with different denominators

Adding fractions with different denominators examples

How to find the least common denominator

How to find the least common denominator LCD
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Add Fractions

This website has the main purpose of teaching you everything you need to know about how to add fractions! As our main goal, we set ourselves the most common problem from basic mathematical knowledge. This very problem can disrupt their motivation to learn mathematics. This is the problem that can demotivate you so much that you simply give up on upgrading your math knowledge and join that class of people who don't understand math.

We realize that it is a huge responsibility to try to teach you all about adding fractions. I, with all my knowledge and experience in the work of teaching mathematics, am ready to work all that experience into the contents of this website to make a unique system in several steps that will help you learn all about the addition of fractions. In addition, in the contents you can see various guides that will help you connect the add fractions with:

a) add fractions with fractions
b) add fractions with decimal numbers
c) add fractions by whole numbers
d) algebraic fractions

as well as other more complex mathematical operations where adding fractions is only one part of the mathematical problem you are solving.

Our website offers you easy access to:

1. Guides for solving math problems with the addition of fractions in text and video form.
2. Worksheets containing exercises on adding fractions and certain similar math problems.
3. Quizzes that will help you get information about whether you understand a part of mathematics sufficiently or whether you need to supplement it.
4. Instructions on how to study.
5. Instructions on how to memorize more easily.

We suggest that you start by completing the lessons related to add fractions that are arranged by difficulty level. Start with lesson number 1 below, and according to your needs, desires, and time, upgrade your mathematical knowledge! Good luck!



It is very important to review the preparatory material before starting to study the lessons. You can find this material easily by using the main menu at the top of the website. The practice material is intended to help all beginners correct possible mistakes they make with an elementary knowledge of fractions!

As soon as you're done with the prep part (or feel ready enough), you're ready to start the lessons below!


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